Yoga | Sparks Lake

During the summer I had this idea to take a little mini vacation to get out of Portland for a few days. I’ve always wanted to visit Bend, Oregon but never had the opportunity. I figured end of summer/beginning of fall would be a great time to get away for a few days. I started researching places to stay and things to do and quickly realized that there were so many beautiful places that would be great to do some shoots for my book.

Bend is just far enough away to make it a chore to drive out and back in a day and  in order to take advantage of sunrise or sunset means you would have to drive at some awkward times of day. So, I booked a large house and invited a couple models out for a long weekend of relaxing but also a little bit of shooting.

I’m skipping ahead a bit because this yoga shoot was from the last morning of the trip. Allison (who has become one of my favorite models to work with) and I woke up and headed out at about 4:30am to get to this location before sunrise. My favorite time of day is just before the sun comes up and you have these beautiful blue (merging into red) tones that you just don’t quite get any other time. I wanted to make sure we were there so we could capture that moment. By the time we arrived It was a balmy 28 degrees and pitch black.

I ventured out to scout a location while Allison warmed up to do a quick yoga session in the cold. The most challenging thing was finding a place where I could get a great reflection of both of the mountains but also a place where she had some room to work and wasn’t too unstable. Because it was so cold and we were limited to one spot I knew this was going to result in only a single hero image. But, it was more than worth it to get up that early and deal with the cold to end up with this final image:




I will share some of the other images from this little retreat but I was just too excited to work on this image so I started here. I also have to plead with you to head over to my website to see a larger version of this photo. It’s hard to see all the tiny details (like the starts in the sky!) with the smaller image format of the blog. Before I share more images from the couple days out in Bend I’ll be posting a personal project that has been about a year and a half in the making. It’s a project I’m incredibly excited to share. So, keep a lookout and keep checking back because that will be posted sometime next week!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

– Z

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