Yoga NYC (BTS)

As promised, I wanted to follow up last weeks blog post releasing my new yoga images with a BTS video and images from the shoot. In the past, these posts have been more of a step-by-step process at the retouching aspect but this time I wanted to give you a better look as to what it’s like on one of my sets. I always try to make it as comfortable, friendly, and fun as possible since we are all going to be spending the rest of the day together. I think this definitely comes across in the video!

But, I know there are still going to be some of you that really want to know more about the retouching. I put together a very short video that shows the layer progression from start to finish so you can see the single city image that I began with and the final composite that I posted last week. I may eventually do a more detailed look into the compositing but for now this is going to have to do.

BTS Video:

BTS Images: 










Building a composite:


Thanks, as always, for following along. If you have any questions feel free to submit in the comment section below. More awesome working coming your way soon!

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