Yoga | Cape Kiwanda

Roughly a month ago I shared some images I shot with Allison in the Columbia River Gorge. Soon after, we decided to head out to the Oregon Coast to take some more at one of my favorite spots, Cape Kiwanda. It’s one of the places on the exemplifies why we call it the coast and not the beach. The ocean meets the land and over time has carved out these amazing cliffs, arches and sea stacks. Our goal, again like the last shoot, was to capture her doing yoga poses but also show off as much of the landscape as possible.

We started on top looking over the ocean and then worked our way down to where you could see the landscape of the cliffs. But, by far the coolest location from this shoot was a little freestanding pillar that almost looks like a marvel that it’s still standing. We knew that this was where we wanted to capture most of our images (and had trekked out pretty much as far as we could on the cape) so we set up some lights and pulled out the Phase. I alternated between my Nikon and Phase to get some natural light images (Nikon) and strobed images (Phase). Below are the final images from the shoot:











Model: Allison from Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited

 Things are starting to get a little busier so it’ll probably be two weeks before my next post. I have a full week long shoot next week so it’s going to take me a little big longer to get through the golf images I shot a couple weeks ago. Stay tuned though. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some of the client work I’ve been shooting recently!

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