Warehouse Test Shoot

Every so often I have a model contact me about working on test shoots together. The only issue is with an ever changing schedule (and mostly last minute) as well as weather conditions in Portland this time of year it’s hard to get anything scheduled. Kerry was persistant and dealt with a lot of scheduling changes on my end so we were finally able to shoot.

Kerry works with a local company who has a giant warehouse that she said we could have access to shoot in. It was a perfect situation for me because we didn’t have to worry about the weather and it had the look and feel I’m always trying to find when I’m taking photos around Portland. It was very dark and gritty which by now you should notice seems to be a common theme in most of my work. However, unlike most of my work I decided to shoot this completely with natural light. There were a few high windows in the warehouse that let some really soft light in that was absolutely perfect.

Here are some of the images that we created:




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