UO Duck Calendar 2014

Last year I worked with the University of Oregon to create a Cheer calendar. This year, they decided to switch it up and focus solely on the Duck, the Oregon Mascot. The idea behind the calendar was to have the Duck doing random (and often silly) things on various background. My job was to take these concepts, photograph the Duck on solid backgrounds with various props and composite those photos into new locations. One of my favorites is the Track and Field image where we paid homage to Bill Bowerman and how he used to create shoes using a waffle iron. Here are a few of the months and if you are interested in buying a calendar you can find it here: 2014 Oregon Duck Calendar

Duck_Calendar_April Duck_Calendar_October And last but not least, a gif to show some of the steps involved in creating the final image for November. Make sure you pick up a copy of your own if you want to see the rest of the images!


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