UO Athletics

Over the past few months I’ve shown you some of the images that I created for the University of Oregon this year. It was a lot of fun working with my Alma Mater and the amazing creative team in the athletic department. Sometimes it can be challenging working under a clients guidelines but they gave me enough freedom to let my creativity shine through into their ideas and concepts. I worked with the Acrobatics & Tumbling team, Women’s Tennis, Track & Field, Baseball and Softball and now I have all the final compositions that are on display in Eugene, Oregon, for banners, billboards and team posters. I had a lot of fun working on all of the projects and looking forward to working with more of the teams next year.

Here are the final branded images:

It should be noted that the images created for the Track and Field project were done in collaboration with Tyler James and AHM Brands. Due to the amount of work, I photographed the athletes (except for Luke Puskedra, top left in the Mens poster) and processed the individual portraits. AHM Brands took over and completed the compositing and the branding work (and did an amazing job if I might add!).


Thanks to all of the athletes, coaches, designers, and everyone else who was involved in these projects. I want to give a special thanks to Katie for her help with everything as well. She was a rock start and a pleasure to work with. The baseball image in particular wouldn’t have turned out nearly as well without her and I going back and forth about what could make the image better. The collaboration was key and I definitely think it shows.

Well, I’m packing my bags and heading to Atlanta tomorrow for a photoshoot this weekend. I’ll be working with some of the top Track & Field athletes in the world (some who you will probably see in the Olympics this year). I’ll try to post to Twitter and Facebook as much as I can while I’m there. So make sure you either follow my tweets or like my fan page to stay updated. Next week, I’ll post the images from a yoga test shoot I did a few weeks ago and hopefully do a step-by-step about one of the images that I’ve been getting a lot of questions about. For now though, enjoy your weekend!

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