University of Oregon: Winter Sports 2013-2014

Now that we are firmly into winter and all of the University’s assets have been released for the winter sports I thought I’d share them with you. After starting off the year with some really cool stuff for the Football team and Volleyball we transitioned into the winter sports with some more really great stuff.

First up was Men’s Basketball. The concept behind these was creating some really dramatic imagery (as usual) but showing off some of the starts from last season in one poster and the newcomers (transfers) in another. Some assets were created to combine all of them into one image but I haven’t received anything back from the University. I’ll update if/when that happens. Some of the photos were used around Autzen Stadium (Football Stadium) on elevator doors to promote the upcoming season. That was one of the cooler uses I’ve seen for my photos.



Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

Next up was Men’s and Women’s Tennis which is always a blast to work on. Women’s Tennis was one of the first projects that I ever worked on for the University and they are always so easy to work with. The concept behind their shoot was creating different phases of a point. So, we focused on the serve, a return/backhand, and the celebration. It’s also supposed to read as the different phases of a match, “Game. Set. Match”. Lena, the girl on the far left, ended up actually serving the ball right at camera a few times to make it look more authentic. After a few flew by my head and a couple hits to my octabox I was glad we were able to capture the dynamic movement. The other two were awesome to work with as well and really sold into the idea which made the final image look even better.


Men’s Tennis is always an interesting project. They always come to me with very interesting and creative concepts and I have to do my best to execute their ideas. Last year, it was creating an image that looked like the court had frozen over. This year they wanted it to look like he was playing tennis in a forest but also had elements of camouflage. It was definitely tricky to pull the two elements together but the coaches were super happy and that’s what matters the most.


And finally, the Acro and Tumbling team. This is the first team I ever worked with (besides the Track team) and really helped me work my way into the Athletic Department. The past two years we did these large group composites that showed all these crazy holds that these super talented girls can do. This year, I wanted to do something different. There was so much going on in those previous images so I wanted to go more simplistic this year and focus on one crazy stunt vs a bunch of pretty crazy ones. It’s also been a goal over the past couple of years to try to show the “O” underneath the video board in one of our team posters. I finally realized that this could be the perfect opportunity to try to incorporate that element. It turned out to be a super amazing image and although I love the past two years this is my favorite image I’ve created with them.


That’s all for now but I can’t wait to share the Spring Sports with you soon. The upcoming images are some of my favorites I’ve ever created for the University and all are vastly different. Hopefully, with winter sports coming to an end in the next month or so I’ll be able to share the rest in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for stopping by and for all of the support. More soon!

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