University of Oregon: Spring Sports 2013-2014

There’s been a definite absence of posts on the blog lately as I’ve been working on my transition from Portland to Brooklyn. But, I’m finally settled in my new place and it’s time to get you all updated. For the past year or so the blog has taken a back seat to other social media platforms (mainly Facebook) as it was the easiest way to quickly show work. However, over the past few months I’ve seen a steady decline of posts that are actually reaching people without me having to pay to boost the campaign. I’m sharing this because I’m going to start taking a step back from Facebook and start utilizing other mediums for sharing my work.

I’ll be using Instagram more frequently to keep you all up to date on a more day to day basis. This means more behind the scenes photos, more new work and random adventures. I will also be using Behance to post new projects that I’m working on. This seems to be one of the best platforms for sharing your work with other creatives (and by that I mean designers, creative directors, agencies, etc.). And lastly, I’m going to be updating this blog more frequently. It’s a way for me to not only share my work with all of you but at times to teach (I hope) through some of my step-by-step guides and tutorials.

That’s a lot of information upfront but I just wanted to inform you all before I got into the thick of things with the UO Spring Sports from this year. Depending on how long you’ve been following the blog (or how much you know about me) you may recall that I used to run track for the University of Oregon. So, when the spring rolls around, I’m super excited to get a chance to work with the track team. Back in 2010, they gave me my first big campaign and made me realize that I could be a professional photographer.

Spring sports also means that it’s time to wrap up another year of work with the University. It’s always great to look back on everything we’ve done (if you want you can check out Football, Volleyball and Winter sports form this year). But, it’s also a huge motivator to realize that I have to come up with work that’s even better next year. And although I’m in the thick of working on the Fall sports for this year (because this post is long overdue) it’s great to look back on some of my favorite campaigns I’ve ever done for the University.

Track and Field












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