University of Oregon: Baseball

January ended up being a surprisingly busy month and I can’t really be too heartbroken about not being able to update my blog. A few weeks ago I worked with the University of Oregon on the upcoming promotional materials for the Baseball program (as well as Track and Softball but those will be left for future blog posts). The main focus was to create an image that played up the stadium to get people exciting about coming to the games this upcoming season.

The initial concept was to create something similar to the Friday Night Lights movie poster but as if the player was standing around in this epic stadium after the game. Since we couldn’t schedule a shoot outside (due to weather) we really had to try to make this happen in post. After my initial edits, I sent over a very rough version of that concept but wasn’t super excited with how it looked. While waiting for a response from the client, I worked up another version that looked vaguely similar to this image below. They loved the new direction but had some suggestions of their own to take the image over the top.

In all honesty, the collaboration between the client and I is what really made this the final image. It’s always key to give the client what they want but that doesn’t mean you can’t come in with suggestions of your own on how the final image could be better. Without some of their suggestions of creating an in-game setting rather than after-game, as well as, darkening the image and adding some blinding light from above this image would have looked completely different (and honestly not as good). Anyway, after the long process, here’s the final image:

Just for reference, I wanted to also show the two main pieces of the puzzle to create this image, the athlete and the background. Of course there were a lot of other elements that went into creating this image (flash effects, floodlights, fog, etc.) but this is really were the image started. I often get requests to post the before and after so here’s a before of the stadium and a processed image of just the athlete on a solid white background.

I’m not sure if I’ll be showing a step-by-step of this image just because of the massive time it would take. I can say that it was definitely not easy to remove the mound from the middle of the field to make it look like he was pitching in game. That would take quite some time to explain in itself. If I do put something together it will be in a few weeks. I still have to finish up the processing for Softball and Track in the next few weeks so that will be taking up the majority of my time. After that, I should have a little time to shoot a few personal projects and write up a few more blog posts.

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