Earlier in the year I did a personal project called TRAJECTORY. It was a project where I explored movement of athletes and creating a way to show that motion in a still image. A few months ago I expanded on that project by shooting a new part of the series called TRAJECTORY II. This time I wanted to show portions of the movement throughout but still have the same motion blur as the original project. Here are a few samples from the project but you can find the rest over on my website:




This is most likely my last post for the year. I’m headed on a road trip back to Colorado for the holiday’s so feel free to follow along my journey by following me on Facebook and/or Instagram. I’ll be posting images along the road and hopefully take a lot of great photos that will be used for future composites! Enjoy the holidays and have a great New Years! I have a lot of exciting things to share with all of you at the beginning of the year.

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