A few weeks ago I met up with one of my old college teammates as she was passing through Portland. She contacted me to let me know that she would be in town for the day and wanted to know if I wanted to do a test shoot. Of course I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to catch up with her and at the same time get some great images for my portfolio. I had been wanting to get out to the Oregon coast to do a surf styled shoot and it seemed like a pretty good fit for a Cali girl.

I picked her up from the airport and we headed straight out to the coast. It was a fairly quick drive but by the time we picked up the board and hiked to the location we didn’t have a ton of time before the sun was completely overhead. We lucked out on the fact that there was a very thin layer of clouds that created a slight diffusion to the sun and didn’t make it quite as harsh. Everything below was shot using natural light, my Canon 5d Mark II and my 24-70mm.


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