Catching Up

This is a post that’s been long overdue. It’s been a crazy couple of months, personally and for my business, and it’s time to catch you up. It was around the time of my last blog post that I made the difficult decision to move my business back to the west coast. Over the course of my year in NYC I got to work on some incredible projects (Inside the NFL and the Heisman Ceremony for Marcus Mariota)  but there was a regular stream of work back in Portland that I had to continue to turn down because I was
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University of Oregon: Men’s Basketball 2014-2015

This is probably one of my favorite projects I’ve had an opportunity to work on with the University of Oregon. There’s something about the creative possibilities that are allowed when you are working with a small group of athletes and especially when it becomes individual shots for posters. There’s a lot of freedom and it allows me to be a little more creative on set. In other cases, when we are shooting a large group I have to be very conscious about how people are going to fit together. We started off the shoot with some posed images of the
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Heisman Weekend

What a crazy weekend. Going into it, I knew it was going to be exciting but I know I got to experience something that I will probably never get to do again. Basically, I spent most of the Heisman weekend at Marcus’ side running all over town. From media interviews at the Late Show, CBS and the Dan Patrick Show. To the Hospital visit and the family tour of the 9/11 Memorial. I got to experience all of that with them. One of the most memorable experiences for me was being able to share in the celebration immediately after the ceremony in
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Mariota for Heisman

It’s been a whirlwind of a week. This whole season the marketing team at the University of Oregon and I knew that there was a really good chance that Marcus Mariota would be up for the Heisman Trophy but it’s still something that we couldn’t plan for. It isn’t really until the Conference Championships have been played that things become clear as to who is going to be up for which awards. Because of this, the last week we’ve been in a frenzy trying to put assets together for a mini Heisman Campaign which is now just one day away from
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University of Oregon: Spring Sports 2013-2014

There’s been a definite absence of posts on the blog lately as I’ve been working on my transition from Portland to Brooklyn. But, I’m finally settled in my new place and it’s time to get you all updated. For the past year or so the blog has taken a back seat to other social media platforms (mainly Facebook) as it was the easiest way to quickly show work. However, over the past few months I’ve seen a steady decline of posts that are actually reaching people without me having to pay to boost the campaign. I’m sharing this because I’m
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Step-by-Step: UO Volleyball

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but I’ve had a few questions about how I created the UO Volleyball posters from this past year. The process is fairly easy but it was a matter of getting the right assets upfront (mainly the silhouette) to pull off the look. Let’s dive in. Step 1: RAW Image Here is part of the RAW image used for the silhouette. I’m just dissecting the image from the layers so this is already in the crop and because of that we are losing some of the top and bottom of the
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University of Oregon: Winter Sports 2013-2014

Now that we are firmly into winter and all of the University’s assets have been released for the winter sports I thought I’d share them with you. After starting off the year with some really cool stuff for the Football team and Volleyball we transitioned into the winter sports with some more really great stuff. First up was Men’s Basketball. The concept behind these was creating some really dramatic imagery (as usual) but showing off some of the starts from last season in one poster and the newcomers (transfers) in another. Some assets were created to combine all of them
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UO Duck Calendar 2014

Last year I worked with the University of Oregon to create a Cheer calendar. This year, they decided to switch it up and focus solely on the Duck, the Oregon Mascot. The idea behind the calendar was to have the Duck doing random (and often silly) things on various background. My job was to take these concepts, photograph the Duck on solid backgrounds with various props and composite those photos into new locations. One of my favorites is the Track and Field image where we paid homage to Bill Bowerman and how he used to create shoes using a waffle iron. Here
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University of Oregon Volleyball 2013

I’ve been working with the University of Oregon for about two years now and the relationship is at a point where I’m able to pitch concepts for shoots. This year I thought it would be great to play a little with double exposures since we were only focusing on a few of the athletes. The idea was to shoot a silhouette of one of the girls and then shoot a few posed shots of everyone that we could overlay on the action shot plus the tagline. It’s great to have the trust of your client because this isn’t something that
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University of Oregon Football 2013-2014

This year I had the awesome opportunity to shoot for the University of Oregon’s Football team. It was the last sport I needed before I could claim that I shoot all the marketing material for the Oregon Ducks. There are still a bunch of photos from this campaign that haven’t been released so I can’t wait to share the rest with you. Keep on checking back as a lot of the stuff I’ve been shooting over the last few months will start coming out soon.
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