Catching Up

This is a post that’s been long overdue. It’s been a crazy couple of months, personally and for my business, and it’s time to catch you up. It was around the time of my last blog post that I made the difficult decision to move my business back to the west coast. Over the course of my year in NYC I got to work on some incredible projects (Inside the NFL and the Heisman Ceremony for Marcus Mariota)  but there was a regular stream of work back in Portland that I had to continue to turn down because I was
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English Gardner

Here’s a quick post about a new image that I shot for the University of Oregon. It’s of Sprint Star English Gardner who just had an amazing performance last weekend at the Millrose games. I’m just about to wrap up my work for the University for the school year so I should be posting more frequently in the next month. This is small version of the photo but if you want to see it larger you can head over to my website and check it out there.
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Ashton Eaton

This past weekend I drove down to Eugene to work on a commissioned project with my friend (and subject of a lot of my sportraits) Ashton Eaton. Basically, Ashton contacted me to work on putting together some new imagery in combination with some of our old images so that he can fill his new website with some great photos. Of course I love the opportunity to work with one of my friends and get some great photos at the same time. So really it was a win-win. We had back and forth discussions for probably about 5 months trying to
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Hayward Field

Things have been a little slow on the blog lately, sorry about that. I’m in the midst of midterms in my final term of school so things are a little stressful. Just trying to finish up my last quarter of college and move on to a more photography oriented life. I’ve been working on some great projects and have a couple lined up. I did a fun shoot for the University of Oregon Admissions yesterday, working with a charity next week called Free Photo Project and I’m working on planning a shoot with an international company to do some work
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2010 UO Track & Field Campaign

For the past couple of months, I’ve been involved with the University of Oregon Track and Field team producing some awesome photos for them to use for marketing the 2010 NCAA Championships. I shot a variety of photos that they’ve gone and used for billboards, banners, posters and various other media all over Eugene. Unfortunately, those of you who don’t live in Eugene (unless you’ve visited in the last couple of weeks) haven’t had a chance to see the end product. Well, I’ve posted a good majority of the images on www.zachancell.com and I encourage you to go check them
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