Surfer Girl

I’m in Eugene this week working on some new photos for Volleyball, Women’s and Men’s Basketball but I still wanted to share some new (well new to the blog) work that I shot right before my move. In December last year I took a road trip to Colorado for the holidays. The whole goal was to hit a couple places on the way that I could potentially use as background plates for potential composites. Unfortunately, I ended up having a bit of a medical emergency so I didn’t get to enjoy the road as much as I would have liked.
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Nike Free Flyknit

Collaborating with my studio we worked on a project recently that documented a women getting off work and going for a long run. With two guys on set capturing video, my job was to capture the stills that could demonstrate our ability to capture all the digital assets for a project. [Side note: this may be a good point to tell you to go check out BUCK if you haven’t see my studio yet and some of our work yet]. We took to the streets and started capturing Lisa on her journey through Portland wearing (at the time) Nike’s newest running
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FW Action

Continuing to round out my portfolio I got in touch with my friend and makeup artist, Amy Gillespie. We collaborated and decided to do a shoot where we emphasized movement of a model and their clothing. We brought in stylist Hannah Ainsley to help with wardrobe and styling on set. Although it was a pretty simple setup from my standpoint I think the images turned out really well. Here’s a small selection and if you want to see more you can find them over in the Sports Beauty gallery on my website.
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Nike Spring Running Test

I belong to studio that consists of three other photographers and a producer called BUCK Studio. Although we all operate as freelance photographers we also have been getting contacted to work as a studio on projects. One of the major requests we get is for product photography of different apparel. Darren, our producer, and I decided that we should put together a test shoot so I could get some product photography in my portfolio. This test shoot consisted of two days of shooting so we could capture still life and on-body images. Day 1 – Still Life Darren and I
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Warehouse Test Shoot

Every so often I have a model contact me about working on test shoots together. The only issue is with an ever changing schedule (and mostly last minute) as well as weather conditions in Portland this time of year it’s hard to get anything scheduled. Kerry was persistant and dealt with a lot of scheduling changes on my end so we were finally able to shoot. Kerry works with a local company who has a giant warehouse that she said we could have access to shoot in. It was a perfect situation for me because we didn’t have to worry
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For the last few months I’ve been shooting composite after composite after composite. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but there comes a point where you want to do something a little different. That’s where my new personal project Trajectory comes in. I have set a goal for myself to shoot 50 test shoots over the course of the year and to start things off I wanted to create a photo series. It involved photographing 11 athletes in one day (1 athlete was shot separately as a lighting test for the project) and then some adjustments in post to
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Nike X-Ray Tights

A few weeks ago I came across these really cool women’s Nike tights that have a print on them that looks like an x-ray. Maybe it was because I was in the Halloween mood but I thought they would look great for a night running shoot. So, I ordered a pair and booked a model to do a quick little test shoot. In the end, the tights were a lot harder to photograph than I thought but I’m really happy with how the final images turned out. Check them out below:  
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Tennis Test

Back at the beginning of summer I met with a local stylist who wanted to work together on a Tennis Test shoot. We ended up shooting a few weeks later and then our schedules got in the way. She would be busy and then I would be busy and we didn’t have a chance to make selects (and then for me to edit) until very recently. But we finally made it happen even though it took us a couple of months. I really hate to sit on images especially when there are models who want to add it to their
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