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Before-and-After Sportrait: UO Tennis

Monday I gave you another preview of the photo I created for the University of Oregon’s Women’s Tennis poster and Wednesday I posted how the composite was built. Today, I thought I’d show a little before and after of one of the individual portraits making up this composite. Like I mentioned last week in the Step-by-Step Acrobatics and Tumbling Composite, the background goes through the same “HDR toning” that my Sportraits go through. When I started out, the processing techniques that I was using were what I learned from Joel Grimes at one of his workshops. But, like everything in
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Step-by-Step Composite: UO Tennis

This is definitely not going to be as extensive as the tutorial from last week. A lot of this is just repeating steps but I still want to give you an idea of how this composite was built. This photo ended up being a lot more complex because the cutouts were super difficult. My initial concept didn’t have so much overlap and thus I didn’t plan on needing a white background to shoot onto. I’ll get into more detail on this later but let’s jump into the steps behind creating this poster. Step 1: Base Image – There always have
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UO Women’s Tennis

As mentioned last week, when I showed the photo I created for the University of Oregon Acrobatics and Tumbling team, this week is going to be dedicated to the image that I created for the University of Oregon’s Women’s Tennis Poster (if you didn’t see the Acro and Tumbling Photo click here for just the image and click here for the step-by-step behind creating the image). The project once again came down to one simple request, make her look badass. The big difference here is that since I was working with one subject rather than a huge group of girls,
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Tennis: Megan

Now that the weather has started to change in the Pacific Northwest I’ve been trying to take advantage of as many not rainy days as possible. In all honesty, I’m more than happy to shoot on a cloudy day because it provides a perfect backdrop for some of my more edgy photographs. The biggest problem is when rain shows up unannounced and I have my all my lights set up. So, I spend most of my time checking and rechecking the weather to make sure my gear is going to stay dry. Tennis has quickly become one of my favorite
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Nike Clash of the Champions

About a month ago, Nike hosted a Tennis match at the University of Oregon and it included some of the biggest names in Tennis. I was introduced to the sport a couple of years ago, watching Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer fight it out in the Australian Open. Since then, Tennis has become one of my favorite sports to watch and play (when I can find someone else who is as bad as I am). But, upon hearing about this event, I knew I had to go down and watch some great tennis but also see the new Matthew Knight
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