Here’s a new series of photos shot last week for my portfolio. The idea behind this shoot was to work on creating more composites that combine my love of shooting sports and landscapes. The background plates in the two “location” photos were shot at sunrise at Rowena Crest in the Columbia River Gorge. Then, I connected with Tyson about working together on this project. He has modeled for Castelli (a cycling apparel company) quite a bit so to make our shoot more official he brought a bunch of their gear. All in all, another successful test shoot that will hopefully
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University of Oregon: 2013 Spring Sports

Another short but sweet post. The past few months I’ve been working on the imagery for the 2013 University of Oregon Spring Sports. Which means I’m done with all the sports for the year! There has been a little down time recently so I’ve been doing a lot of test shoots that I’ll be sharing over the next week or two. I’m also prepping and concepting for next years work with the University which will be bigger and better than ever!  
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English Gardner

Here’s a quick post about a new image that I shot for the University of Oregon. It’s of Sprint Star English Gardner who just had an amazing performance last weekend at the Millrose games. I’m just about to wrap up my work for the University for the school year so I should be posting more frequently in the next month. This is small version of the photo but if you want to see it larger you can head over to my website¬†and check it out there.
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Yoga Sportraits

A few weeks ago I organized a few test shoots to focus on Yoga. My concept was to bring my own personal dramatic style to a sport that is usually represented in a completely different manor. When looking through yoga images I found that most were more soft and graceful but from what I’ve heard the sport is much more about strength and power. My focus was to create images that emphasized that aspect. I wanted to create dramatic images that really showed off the athletes muscles and tone rather than just beautiful women doing yoga poses.
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UO Women’s Tennis

As mentioned last week, when I showed the photo I created for the University of Oregon Acrobatics and Tumbling team, this week is going to be dedicated to the image that I created for the University of Oregon’s Women’s Tennis Poster (if you didn’t see the Acro and Tumbling Photo click here for just the image and click here for the step-by-step behind creating the image). The project once again came down to one simple request, make her look badass. The big difference here is that since I was working with one subject rather than a huge group of girls,
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