Reebok | Chyna Cho

Whoa, I’ve definitely neglected the blog for long enough! Spring this year was extremely busy with some crazy travel for jobs and also buying my first house. That’s no excuse though and it’s time to get you caught up on some of the cool projects that I’ve been working on! Almost a year ago I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Chyna Cho. She is a professional Crossfit athlete for Reebok and placed the highest out of any American in the games last year. We had a morning to work with her and ran her through the gamut of
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FW15_Ree_ZQuick_KV_Hero_W_Horz_1524x1016_v2 (1)

Reebok ZQuick Campaign

Last summer I was contacted by a local agency to work on a project for Reebok. It’s been a long wait but I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to share this project with all of you! The basic concept for the shoot was that these two are out for a run at dusk in a city and taking advantage of the shoes that were made to plant and cut and dodge obstacles. In order to make that vision happen, we had to work some pretty odd hours on the project. The shoot started at around 5:00 PM. My crew and
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