Nike Spring Running Test

I belong to studio that consists of three other photographers and a producer called BUCK Studio. Although we all operate as freelance photographers we also have been getting contacted to work as a studio on projects. One of the major requests we get is for product photography of different apparel. Darren, our producer, and I decided that we should put together a test shoot so I could get some product photography in my portfolio. This test shoot consisted of two days of shooting so we could capture still life and on-body images. Day 1 – Still Life Darren and I
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Here’s something new and a little different. A shoot created completely with natural light. No strobes. No reflectors. Nothing but beautiful afternoon sunlight. Although I love creating Sportraits it’s nice to be working on a completely different for my portfolio. I wanted to create something that was a little more raw and natural versus the super lit and processed look that you normally find in my work. The basic concept behind the shoot was a track & field athlete (a hurdler to be specific) going through a normal day of training. There will definitely be more work like this coming
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Nike Air Max 2010+

As you may or may not have been able to tell, I’ve been trying to build up a little bit of a product photography portfolio after my recent internship with Swanson Studio in Portland. I have to tell you the truth that I’ve never been a fan of product photography and always found it a little bit dull and boring until my internship. Somehow, the guys over at Swanson take basic looking products and make them look spectacular. After that experience, I felt like I should try my hand at it since it’s very meticulous work (perfect for a perfectionist).
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Nike Trainer 1

The past few months I’ve been interning at a studio that focuses on product photography so to say the least, I’ve picked up a few tricks. I’ve been going through the interview process (well showing my portfolio around town) and Nike wants me to start assisting out at their studio which mainly consists of shooting shoes and other Nike Products. I really wanted to start emphasizing this in my portfolio so I decided to rent a few lenses for the weekend and do a test shoot. This post will just be a quick overview of the lenses I rented and
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