Which Photographer Do You Want To Be?

Well, there is no doubt about it, we are in a great age of photography. We have the ability to shoot a photo and instantly know if the photo is overexposed or underexposed. We have the ability to share our photos with people around the world and we have the ability to view our favorite photographers images without leaving our homes. So, who do you want to be like? Chase Jarvis, Joel Grimes, Dave Hill, David duChemin, or Joey L? Or maybe you want to be just like Ansel Adams or Richard Avedon? Well hopefully you don’t want to be
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Chase Jarvis and creativeLIVE

For those of you who don’t know who Chase Jarvis is (even though you should because I posted about him yesterday!), he’s a Seattle based Photographer who is all about giving back to the photographer community (and now the creative community). Today, at 10:50 am PST, Chase had a live broadcast all over the world to announce his newest creation… creativeLIVE. As I mentioned yesterday, Chase is a photographer who is all about giving out his secrets and telling everyone how he does exactly what he does. Well, creativeLive is no exception. This new website is a creatives go to
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Learning from the Masters

For the most part, my blog reflects the processes in which I am going through. It’s my way of almost documenting my journey to becoming a photographer but by providing the information I find/read/see to all of you. I try to provide some tips into some of the processes I go through in order to create my images (my tutorials) but I like to also provide you with quotes from the books I read to inspire all of you creatives out there. But, I wouldn’t limit some of this information to just photographers or even just creatives, I think some
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