80 Percent Mental

Concept: It’s often said sports are 80 Percent Mental (I think the exact percentage fluctuates) and I always felt like that would be an interesting photo project. The idea is to capture various athletes competing against themselves and depict the mental battles each and every athlete deals with. Initially, I didn’t plan on publishing any of the images until the project was finished. My hopes were to spend this summer photographing 10 to 20 different subjects in all different athletic arenas and then publish the entire series at once. However, with limited resources and some timing issues, I decided it
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Not too much to say today just a bunch of photos from a shoot I did about a month ago. The weather has definitely started to change up here so now I have to start to rethink how go about shooting for the next couple of months. It always seems that when you get something scheduled that will be the one day it rains harder than the others. I’m hoping I can make some trips up to Mt. Hood in the winter. Any snowboarders or skiers out there want to do some Sportraits? Let me know! Also looking for some
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Basketball Sportscape

If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the main website for Zach Ancell Photography, I would recommend you do so. I spent this weekend finishing up on some of the branding that I mentioned in a post last week. For a while, I’ve wanted to redo the website and rework all of my material. The website not only has a new color scheme and logo but also is a completely new template. It’s a little simpler and in my opinion a little easier to navigate. And, there have been a couple modifications here on the blog but nothing
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One of the best relationships I’ve cultivated in Portland is with Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited modeling agency. A huge problem being a portrait photographer over being a still life or a landscape photographer is finding subjects to capture. That’s one thing I love about landscape photography. I love being able to scout a location online and go out whenever my schedule sees fit. I don’t have to work around any other person’s schedule (well except the weather). But, I’m getting off topic. Since getting connected with Sports Unlimited I have a huge source for finding talent for upcoming shoots. There’s
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