Surfer Girl

I’m in Eugene this week working on some new photos for Volleyball, Women’s and Men’s Basketball but I still wanted to share some new (well new to the blog) work that I shot right before my move. In December last year I took a road trip to Colorado for the holidays. The whole goal was to hit a couple places on the way that I could potentially use as background plates for potential composites. Unfortunately, I ended up having a bit of a medical emergency so I didn’t get to enjoy the road as much as I would have liked. But, I did get a couple shots (more like one) that I thought I could maybe make work.

Fast forward a few months and I realized that the background plate might work for a Surfer Girl type shoot and I started pulling the pieces together. I rented a board, pulled together wardrobe, and found an amazing model (Haley) who definitely had the surfer vibe that I was looking for. There was no way I was going to be able to get out to the coast with my move looming and Haley’s limited schedule so we ended up shooting the whole thing in studio. My good friend and super talented MUA/Stylist Destiny Taylor volunteered to help out with the shoot and did an absolutely amazing job. I couldn’t have pulled the shoot off without her.

My goal was not only to be able to share this composite but also to show how it was made. I wanted to give you all a behind the scenes look into my retouching with a time lapse video where you could see the hours and hours of retouching in a minute or two. Initially it was going really well but then the recording program began to freeze and I had chunks that didn’t line up. Hopefully I’ll be able to work those issues out in the future so I can show you all the whole process. For now, you’re just going to have to be happy with the images!



I’m sticking around in Oregon for an extra day to try to shoot some more personal work. Hopefully, I’ll have some fun stuff to share with you soon. Thanks for stopping by!


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