Seattle Seahawks | Color Rush

At the end of last year, I was contacted by the Seattle Seahawks organization to do a shoot with them for the release of their Nike NFL Color Rush uniforms. I had been in contact with their creative team for years but they never had a project where they required a full on production. I was super excited to get the initial call but of course it happened days before I left for Iceland.

The shoot wasn’t planned to happen until I was back home but it still meant that I was responding to emails and scheduling calls at some pretty random times. We went through a couple different ideas of how we could best show off the color of the uniforms and not pull the attention too far away. We settled on this hazy look where we brought in the green and blue team colors but muted to keep the uniforms as the star.

I’m super proud of how these images turned out but what matters most is that the Seahawks organization was incredibly happy. When Nike released the uniforms in September, the Seahawks had arguably the best social media response of any team in the NFL. Definitely a job well done!




In December, the Seahawks organization invited us back up to attend the Thursday Night Football game so we could see the images up on the Stadium. It’s a surreal experience to work with such an awesome client but even more so when you see your photos up on the side of an NFL Stadium.


Hope you enjoyed these new photos and if you want you can find the full series of images here. A full BTS video will be coming shortly so stay tuned!

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