Reebok | Chyna Cho

Whoa, I’ve definitely neglected the blog for long enough! Spring this year was extremely busy with some crazy travel for jobs and also buying my first house. That’s no excuse though and it’s time to get you caught up on some of the cool projects that I’ve been working on!

Almost a year ago I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Chyna Cho. She is a professional Crossfit athlete for Reebok and placed the highest out of any American in the games last year. We had a morning to work with her and ran her through the gamut of exercises seeing what she could do. By far one of the most impressive things was the one arm handstand that she held for what seemed like forever while we positioned her other arm. Not as easy as it looks and it looks incredibly difficult!

The main goal for this project was the find a way to show off the crazy cool design pattern of the tights by having prints on the wall that depict all the different patterns and then trying to match up those prints somewhat to the tights. Again, easier said than done but I think we did a great job and ended up with a great final product!





Lighting Details: We tried to keep this one as simple as possible. I’ve come to love the Broncolor system and especially the Move packs. They make my life so much easier to be mobile enough to move around but also still having a ton of power. For this, we used one Broncolor Move Pack/Head and a Para 88. That’s it! We had to play around with the focusing rod on the Para 88 for a bit to get it perfect but it was really a simple setup so we could focus on getting the shot of these highly technical moves rather than worrying about the lights.

Crew: Special thanks to my crew for making this happen. This was technically only Part 1 of 2 during that day as well as only Day 3 of 5 for this insane week of Reebok jobs (I’m still waiting for them to go live and will share when they do). Producer: Monica Watson, MUA: Destiny Taylor with Roster Reps, Stylist: Allison Schmid, Seamstress: Rebecca¬†Therkelsen, Digitech: AJ Meeker, ¬†Assistants: Galvin Collins and Joseph Eastburn.

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