Nike Spring Running Test

I belong to studio that consists of three other photographers and a producer called BUCK Studio. Although we all operate as freelance photographers we also have been getting contacted to work as a studio on projects. One of the major requests we get is for product photography of different apparel. Darren, our producer, and I decided that we should put together a test shoot so I could get some product photography in my portfolio. This test shoot consisted of two days of shooting so we could capture still life and on-body images.

Day 1 – Still Life

Darren and I went through a ton of different concepts when trying to figure out exactly how we wanted to shoot the product. In the end, we decided that we should go as simple as possible to give me maximum freedom to create a stunning final image in post. We also brought in a super talented Product Stylist, Marcus Fischer, to help us make the product look amazing. Having a stylist for a shoot like this is absolutely essential. Marcus fills the shoe so they don’t look flat or lumpy. He steams out the clothing to remove wrinkles. And honestly, he does a lot of thing that seem like magic to get the product to look absolutely perfect.








Day 2 – On Body

This day was a little more traditional for me. We brought in two models to show off the clothes and an amazing makeup artist, Destiny Taylor. After working through the images from Day 1 I knew that I wanted to create this color gradient look. I thought it was important to keep a similar style throughout all of the images and it was simple enough that it wouldn’t look forced.




It was a super successful shoot that has already helped me get new work. One lesson that became abundantly clear to me was always test shoot with a purpose. I hope you all enjoyed checking out something new and different from me!

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