Rajiv | Men’s Training

Following up on last weeks post I thought it would be good to share some images from a recent men’s training shoot. This one was a bit challenging just in the fact that it was incredibly hot out but we were able to use it to our advantage. Again, much like last week, I felt very much like a training putting Rajiv through a workout and just capturing images as we went. Within about 5 minutes of warming up he had a good sweat going as the temperature was near 100 degrees. It definitely helped pull off the authenticity that he’d been working out for much longer.







We started to lose a lot of the sun on the location and after capturing the above images switched over to the Phase One camera to kill all remaining ambient and create some more dramatic action shots. We didn’t spend a ton of time as he was pretty exhausted from all the other exercises we ran him through but we were still able to get some solid images.




Model: Rajiv with Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited

Coming in a week or two is a new set of yoga images with Allison who I worked with (on this shoot) a few weeks ago. This time we headed out to the Oregon Coast to one of my favorite spots. I’m really excited to share the final images with you because I think they turned out even better than the last set! Be patient and check back sometime mid next week!

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