I apologize for taking so much time in between posts. The past month was spent moving to a new apartment and you never realize how much work it is until you are in the thick of things. I didn’t find the time to take many photographs (let along blog) but now that I’m all settled hopefully the blog won’t get ignored so much.

As I’ve mentioned on countless occasions here, I’m trying to transition from a photographer who has just one look to a photographer who has a diverse portfolio of work. A part of this is breaking away from my comfort zone and challenging myself again. I got to the point where a lot of the work behind an image was finding a model rather than challenging myself on set. If I can give advice to anyone out there is that once you find a comfort zone you have to break out of it and see what else you can do. The reason I got to where I am today is because I constantly challenged myself to do new things, learn new techniques and see how I could apply them in my own workflow.

A few weeks ago, I shot a comp card for one of my friends sister who is just getting into modeling. It was a long day spent running around Portland trying to get as many photos as we could for her. The last hour, we headed down by the river and tried to do some athletic shots. You could see that she was starting to get tired and I don’t blame her. A photo shoot is a lot of work (a lot more than you expect). We pushed her for a couple of hours and she was just about ready to be done. The biggest thing to remember is if your model isn’t interested anymore your photos aren’t going to turn out. They’re going to lack authenticity and end up being a waste of everybody’s time.

I decided to let her have some fun and (even though a little piece of me died inside) I took some photos of her planking. If you don’t know what planking is click here. The great thing was I probably took 5-10 frames and she was ready to start working with me again. At the end of the day, it was a small price to pay to get these shots:

I shot another comp card last week so I’ll have some of those images posted in the next couple of days. I also have some adventures planned for this week so if everything goes according to plan, I might have some landscape shots coming your way too. Thanks for stopping by and I promise I’ll be better about staying on top of the blog! Take care!

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