Links of the Week 8/23-27

I’m sorry that recently the only posts that I’ve been putting up are these links of the week but things have been a little crazy lately. I finally received my portfolio and I’ve been shopping it around town meeting with Nike and Adidas so it’s been a little chaotic. However, I’m going to try to start posting some other articles throughout the week and keep this blog a little more updated. But, let’s get back to the links of the week.

It seems a bunch of photographers have been posting some of their post processing techniques and I love it! It’s nice to see others giving back and helping out. So, in order to help you, I’m passing along the articles as well as a couple others that I thought were really helpful throughout the week.

  • Supernova – I’m always very intrigued in people using DSLRs to shoot video and it’s something I often contemplate getting into myself. But, I’ve pretty much told myself the only way I’ll get into it is if I have a couple specific pieces of gear: a Kessler Pocket Dolly, Final Cut Pro, either a Redrock Micro or Zacuto DSLR rig and last but not least Red Giant’s Magic Bullet Suite. Watch this music video and you will soon see how incredible the Magic Bullet Suite is. I’ve seen a couple videos now that use this set of plug-in’s and now I know it’s something I have to have (once I make the jump into shooting some video). But, I really enjoyed the behind the scenes video for this too and it’s something you have to check out if you are interested in HD DSLRs.
  • Scott Kelby’s Guest Blog Wednesday – This is another one of those great post processing articles that really goes into depth of what you can do if you have a clear direction of what you want to do. I really like how the final image turned out (however her skin tone seems a little too orange to me). I think this is one of those articles that you could go out and shoot your own image and follow step by step on how to get a similar look.
  • 15 Must Have Photography Accessories – And better yet, they are all under $25! I love these little posts because it always reminds me of the little tools that are handy to have along. However, try to remember which ones are and aren’t airplane friendly. I accidentally left my swiss army knife in my bag and had to leave it at security because I was in a rush to catch my plane.
  • Increase the Power of your Speedlights with Photoshop – I think this has to be my favorite post this week because at this point in time I only use speedlights (but my Einstein’s should be in the mail any day now!). The biggest issue with speedlights is the fact that you don’t have a ton of power but they do give you a much more compact solution. This post gives you a great solution to fix that problem in post. I highly recommend this article and can’t wait to try this out for myself. Definitely my pick of the week!
  • Guess the Lighting – This isn’t an individual post but actually an amazing blog that I found recently. A couple of my friends on twitter recommended the site so I decided to check it out and I LOVE IT. One of the most important aspects of being a photographer is about seeing the light. That’s what this blog is all about. Being able to dissect a photo and figure out exactly what the photographer was using. More importantly, I like to look at the diagrams and ask myself why did the photographer use that particular light modifier instead of another. It really challenges you to understand exactly the reasoning behind each and every light source. Go check out the site!

That’s pretty much it for this week. I think these are some great posts that if you haven’t seen already are ones that are really worthwhile. I’d also love to hear from all of you about any other articles that you think I may have missed. I know that Canon had a big announcement this week but still nothing that I’m too interested in. Until they bring out a 1ds Mark IV or 5d Mark III I’m not going to get too excited.

I guess before I head out, I should give you all a little update on things with my photography. I’m continuing my internship with Swanson Studio but in my free time I’ve really been trying to get my work shown around Portland as much as possible. I’ve met with Nike and Adidas and I’m going to be doing some freelance work with Nike coming up in the near future. I’ll just be assisting for the time being but it’ll be a great way for me to get in with the company and work up to shooting my own stuff. Besides that, I have an Ad Agency I’m meeting with in the next week and hopefully that will lead to future work. For the most part, I’m just trying to network and make new contacts and then I’m going to start photographing as much as possible. Should be an exciting few months to see how things unfold!

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