Khino & Kieron | Men’s Training

Again, continuing to get caught up one some retouching from the summer here’s a new set of Men’s Training images. As I’ve been working through these images it’s making me miss the longer days of summer. Fall is my favorite time of year but there’s something really nice about getting up earlier than most for a 5:30am shoot to take advantage of the great morning light.

This set of images was really trying to show off some of the Nike Training attire but also the SKLZ training equipment. I basically had Khino and Kieron go through a workout using the different equipment and tried to get them to sweat a bit. The great thing about these types of shoots is that I’m pretty much locked into one camera body and one lens and we are just running all over the place (I’m practically getting a workout in too).








All in all, a pretty straightforward shoot. This summer was really dedicated to rebuilding the training aspect of my portfolio and trying to take advantage of natural light as much as I could. Of course, I used some lighting equipment a couple times but this was definitely a part of my portfolio that needed some revamping. In the next couple of weeks I’ll start transitioning over to some more conceptual and composite imagery. I have one very cool project that I can’t wait to share. Still probably about a month out from releasing the project so keep checking back!

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