Free Photo Project

This past week, I had an opportunity to work with a great community project. The Free Photo Project goes out into the community and gives families and individuals free portraits to those who can’t afford them. It’s a great little project that’s been in the works for about two years (you can get a little back story here: All Smiles). If you don’t have a second to read that, basically Aloma (the founder) started this project about a year and a half ago with a basic point and shoot camera. The biggest challenge for the project still is funding. Ink isn’t cheap and trying to fund a bunch of projects doesn’t come easy. So, in order to give back to the project (besides shooting photos with them), I wanted to put together an online auction of a few of my most recent landscape photos and have all the proceeds go towards the project. But, in order for this to work, I’m going to need your help! Later today I’ll be posting the official auction page (just right here on the blog) and then you can proceed to place bids on one of four photos. It’s not going to be anything official like eBay but I figure this is the easiest way to do it. So, I’m just going to have you either leave a comment or send me an email of your bid and I’ll keep the prices updated. After a few days, the auction will end and the winners will send payment via paypal and then I’ll sign the prints and send them your way. I would really appreciate your help and so would the Free Photo Project! So please check back later for the official auction help out a worthy cause!

Now, I wanted to get all the logistics out of the way before I added a couple pictures from the Free Photo Project event this weekend. I took photos of somewhere around 35 to 40 people but these were some of my favorites.

These photos weren’t originally shot in black and white or even printed that way, but I felt like adding a little post to each of the images. I love the texture in each of their faces and texture is always works well with B&W. I also only included the individual photos because I had a lot more fun with them. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of fun with the families but there’s just something about shooting one individual. It gave me a little more freedom to stop down to f/1.8 (I shot with a 50mm prime all day) and get the really shallow depth of field. We had an interesting background to work with so I wanted to pull them out of it as much as possible.

The ongoing theme from the whole event was that everyone was excited to have a photo to send off to their parents. I can’t even tell you how many people said they were going to go send a photo off to their Mom or Dad and others were just thankful to finally have a family portrait. Can you imagine not having a photo of yourself for your parents or a family portrait to remember when your children were young? I really hope you all will be willing to help me help the Free Photo Project. It’s a great project that just needs some help getting off of the ground. I’m hoping to get some great support on the auction and I really hope you are willing to help out such a great cause!

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