Step-by-Step: UO Volleyball

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but I’ve had a few questions about how I created the UO Volleyball posters from this past year. The process is fairly easy but it was a matter of getting the right assets upfront (mainly the silhouette) to pull off the look. Let’s dive in. Step 1: RAW Image Here is part of the RAW image used for the silhouette. I’m just dissecting the image from the layers so this is already in the crop and because of that we are losing some of the top and bottom of the
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Screen shot 2012-03-25 at 11.51.40 PM

Step-by-Step: Yoga Tailor

Time for another step-by-step tutorial on how I created this image. This is one of the images that I created in my recent yoga test shoot (if you haven’t seen the others just click here). Before we dive in, let me give you an idea of what I was trying to create for this project. My main goal was to get away from what you typically see in yoga imagery (super soft and pretty) and try to create something that was a little more powerful and dramatic. But, I didn’t want to go too dark and lose the beauty of
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Screen shot 2011-12-13 at 9.44.00 AM

Step-by-Step Composite: UO Tennis

This is definitely not going to be as extensive as the tutorial from last week. A lot of this is just repeating steps but I still want to give you an idea of how this composite was built. This photo ended up being a lot more complex because the cutouts were super difficult. My initial concept didn’t have so much overlap and thus I didn’t plan on needing a white background to shoot onto. I’ll get into more detail on this later but let’s jump into the steps behind creating this poster. Step 1: Base Image – There always have
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Screen shot 2011-12-07 at 8.46.19 AM

Step-by-Step Composite: UO Acrobatics

As promised, I’ve put together a step by step image guide to show how the final image came to be. As I mentioned in my previous blog post about this project, I was pretty much given complete creative freedom. So, this is the concept that fit best in my mind with the photos we had shot. Originally, I planned on creating a triangle with one set front and center but felt like this worked better. Step 1: Base Image Of course the obvious question is why is there a giant black bar the top? Okay, not obvious at all since
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Sunny: Image Breakdown

If you read my post last friday (or just looked at the photos) you saw some of my new photos of a local athletic model Sunny. Today, I’m going to be doing the usual image breakdown to give you all an idea of how the image was created from start to finish. This one will be a lot simpler than the others because I only used one light. I was working on some lifestyle portraits in hopes of getting a job which required several different locations. I don’t know about you but it’s not fun carrying around the gear required
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Sports Lifestyle: Running

About a month ago I was asked to do a test for a company and I posted some of the images that I submitted. You can find the old post here. That post goes into detail about some other things but you can see the images that were sent in. The company has some pretty strict guidelines on how they want their images processed and exactly what you can do with them. Since then, I’ve been wanting to go back and rework the images on how I normally would and get them ready to be uploaded to a lifestyle section
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Hurdle Photo #2

Here’s the last photo in the three image Ashton Eaton series. This last photo probably personifies who I am as a photographer the most. I’m 5′ 10″ and I try to never take a photo at 5′ 10″. By this I mean, I never try to take a photo standing up. A huge amount of the worlds population is within a 1-foot range of that height and I don’t want to always create a familiar scene. So often times, I find myself laying on the ground in the dirt (and once in huge puddles of water) just to get a
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Block Start

Today we’re going to take a closer look at Ashton’s Block Start photo. It’s definitely my favorite of the series. As, I was running through the post processing I was a little unsure of what to do because I wasn’t able to shoot and backgrounds while I was down in Eugene for the day. So, I started playing around and got the crazy idea to change everything purple to match his uniform. I sent Ash a screen capture and he liked it so I ended up posting it (I was really considering not publishing the image until I was able
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Hurdle Photo #1

Image Details: Canon 5d Mark II, 70-200mm f/2.8L IS, 73mm, ISO 100, f/16 Having a hard time getting to sleep tonight so I thought I’d get a head start on the blog posts I promised following my photo shoot with Ashton Eaton. I’ve had some questions about the three photos that I’ve uploaded the past few days so I wanted to give you all a little closer look behind my thought process for ¬†each of the images. This one is a pretty simple setup that I got from a fstoppers.com video I watched a while back (Pocket Wizard Flex Review).
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Chris: Freethrows

These images are from a photo shoot I did at the end of the year. The image above is something I have had planned for a while after meeting with a potential client and hearing more about what they were looking for. I’m not sure this is exactly the right direction (for the potential client) but I’m happy with the outcome. My goal was to do something a little less processed but also a little more towards the environmental spectrum of portraits. Amazingly, it was fairly simple to achieve. I knew I wanted to kill all the ambient light (which
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