Seattle Seahawks | Color Rush

At the end of last year, I was contacted by the Seattle Seahawks organization to do a shoot with them for the release of their Nike NFL Color Rush uniforms. I had been in contact with their creative team for years but they never had a project where they required a full on production. I was super excited to get the initial call but of course it happened days before I left for Iceland. The shoot wasn’t planned to happen until I was back home but it still meant that I was responding to emails and scheduling calls at some pretty
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PDN’s “The Body” Contest

Last year ended with some good news! I was awarded as one of the winners of PDN Magazine and Rangefinder Magazine’s contest “The Body”. I entered my series Olympic Bronze which looked to recreate bronze Olympic statues with body painted models and modern Olympic sports (you can read about it in a previous post by clicking here). I found out about being a winner a few days before New Years and it seemed like a perfect way to roll into 2017. This time of year is a great time to reflect on the things that worked and didn’t work in
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Brooks Inspiring Coaches: Part Three

We are in the home stretch! If you haven’t read Part One or Part Two of this crazy journey you should check those out first before continuing on with this. Yesterday, we left off with me photographing one of my favorite people in the world, Nat Carter. At this point, I had been on the road for a week and was at the furthest point away from home in this trip. The rest felt like I was just making my way home. RDU to BWI I arrived late into Baltimore and made the drive that night down to Bethesda trying
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Brooks Inspiring Coaches: Part Two

We are picking up right where we left off yesterday. That means if you haven’t you should probably go back to the last post by clicking here and reading that first! I had just shot with Marisa Parks about an hour and a half away from San Antonio and now I’m headed back to do another portrait session later that day: San Antonio I got back into San Antonio in time to grab some lunch and luckily the rain had stopped. It was still a little gloomy but as long as there wasn’t any rain we were good. A bit
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Brooks Inspiring Coaches: Part One

Without a doubt, this is probably the craziest job I’ve ever been a part of. There’s no better way to describe it than to share basically the initial call I received: “Hey Zach, we have this project for you. It’s kind of crazy but if you could pull it off that would be amazing. We need you to go to 11 cities in 11-days to photograph 13 people. So, What do you think? Oh, and you need to leave on Sunday!” My initial gut reaction was that there was no way this was possible. But then, I sat down and started
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Reebok | Chyna Cho

Whoa, I’ve definitely neglected the blog for long enough! Spring this year was extremely busy with some crazy travel for jobs and also buying my first house. That’s no excuse though and it’s time to get you caught up on some of the cool projects that I’ve been working on! Almost a year ago I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Chyna Cho. She is a professional Crossfit athlete for Reebok and placed the highest out of any American in the games last year. We had a morning to work with her and ran her through the gamut of
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Venice Beach Training

Last month I headed off to LA for a couple days for some shoots, some meetings and to get a little sun. I connected up with Kelli who is a model for Sports and Lifestyle Unlimited and we planned out a sunrise training shoot at Venice Beach. We met up a bit before sunrise and scouted out a couple locations that we thought would work best. It ended up being  a bit more of a running shoot than training but I’m not complaining at all! The light was beautiful and the beach was deserted except for a couple groups of
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FW15_Ree_ZQuick_KV_Hero_W_Horz_1524x1016_v2 (1)

Reebok ZQuick Campaign

Last summer I was contacted by a local agency to work on a project for Reebok. It’s been a long wait but I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to share this project with all of you! The basic concept for the shoot was that these two are out for a run at dusk in a city and taking advantage of the shoes that were made to plant and cut and dodge obstacles. In order to make that vision happen, we had to work some pretty odd hours on the project. The shoot started at around 5:00 PM. My crew and
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Bronze Statues

I couldn’t be more excited to share this new personal project with all of you! This is something that’s probably been an idea for a shoot for about a year and a half now and it’s really cool to finally see it come to light. The main concept behind this project was to turn models (by way of body paint) into Olympic Bronze Statues. And, even more than that recreating the look and feel of ancient bronze statues but modernizing it with current Olympic sports. Each of the models spent two hours in makeup getting body painted bronze and then
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Yoga | Sparks Lake

During the summer I had this idea to take a little mini vacation to get out of Portland for a few days. I’ve always wanted to visit Bend, Oregon but never had the opportunity. I figured end of summer/beginning of fall would be a great time to get away for a few days. I started researching places to stay and things to do and quickly realized that there were so many beautiful places that would be great to do some shoots for my book. Bend is just far enough away to make it a chore to drive out and back
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