Catching Up

This is a post that’s been long overdue. It’s been a crazy couple of months, personally and for my business, and it’s time to catch you up. It was around the time of my last blog post that I made the difficult decision to move my business back to the west coast. Over the course of my year in NYC I got to work on some incredible projects (Inside the NFL and the Heisman Ceremony for Marcus Mariota)  but there was a regular stream of work back in Portland that I had to continue to turn down because I was on the east coast. I spent the rest of March getting things lined up to move back.

Then April hit. I spent a good portion of the month (and some of May) in Colorado dealing with a couple family emergencies. If I wasn’t spending time at a hospital in Colorado I was back in NY packing up my apartment. It made for a stressful couple of weeks but I left New York City at the end of April and drove straight back to Colorado. I spent a couple more weeks there with my family before heading to Portland mid May.

I hit the ground running in Portland and shots jobs for both Adidas and Reebok (which I’ll share on the blog as soon as I can). Now, I’m finally settled in my new place and ready to put the craziness of the last couple months behind me. Unfortunately, because of all the chaos, I didn’t have a chance to post some of the spring sports images that I shot for the University of Oregon.  These projects were some of my favorites that I’ve ever had a chance to work on over the past four years:




This project was an absolute blast from start to finish. Once we finalized the concept of the ball shattering through glass I knew I was going to need to get some plates of glass flying through the air. After we finished photographing the athletes we ran over to the store and bought some glasses and picture frames that we proceeded to shatter. We took the shards of glass and through them over and over again on a black background so I could combine everything in post. I absolutely love working on conceptual images like this one and I’m really happy with how it turned out.




For Baseball, the University wanted to capture all the phases of a pitcher (and batter) and then combine those images into one seamless piece. The biggest challenge for this project was trying to keep the flash duration fast enough, the recycle fast enough and keeping the ISO down so we could get the cleanest images possible. We had each athlete go through their movement four or five times before going through and picking out pieces we liked. From there, the focus was making sure we filled in the gaps we missed to try to get around 10 phases per final image. We also ended up creating some GIFs that showed the progression of their movements. Even though it’s was just still images it was nice to create some sort of motion asset for the University to use. I think that’s something that will become more prominent as we move forward.


Track and Field



Always one of my favorite teams to work with! This year there were two main posters focusing on Jenna Prandini and Edward Cheserek. But, we also created an additional poster focusing on most of the stars of the team. The Track and Field campaign is always extensive because we create images to be used from everything as large as billboards and building banners to small pieces for the media guide.

That’s all for now! I have a few test shoots set up for the rest of the month so new posts coming at you soon!


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