Bronze Statues

I couldn’t be more excited to share this new personal project with all of you! This is something that’s probably been an idea for a shoot for about a year and a half now and it’s really cool to finally see it come to light.

The main concept behind this project was to turn models (by way of body paint) into Olympic Bronze Statues. And, even more than that recreating the look and feel of ancient bronze statues but modernizing it with current Olympic sports. Each of the models spent two hours in makeup getting body painted bronze and then we had them pose in various different athletic movements that would really show off muscle tone and definition. It was definitely a long process on the front end but once they were in front of the camera we were able to knock out a bunch of different looks before the next model was ready.

Here are a few of the final images:



This is only a small selection of the final images from the series. If you would like to see more please head over to my website to check them out! One quick note: As you can see from the above image they are slightly NSFW. The models are covering themselves but still wanted to lend a warning before viewing the images at work.

A huge thank you has to go out to Heather Gathuru who was the amazingly talented makeup artist for this shoot. Without her amazing skills and willingness to be a part of this crazy project this wouldn’t have been possible. Another thank you goes out to Jenna from Sports & Lifestyle Unlimited for not laughing at my face and calling me crazy when I initially came to her with this project. She helped coordinate all the talent for the shoot which was a huge worry on my end. And last but not least, thanks to the awesome talent, Lisa, Natalie, Ryan and Alex, for your willingness to be body painted and be a part of this crazy project. Without all of you this wouldn’t have been possible!  (Sorry for the award speech but all those people definitely needed to be thanked.)

That’s all for this round of images. I’m not sure how much more I’ll post before the end of the year so if this is the last post before 2016 I hope you all have an amazing holiday season! I’m looking forward to putting out even more amazing work next year!


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