As I promised, here’s the official auction page to help support the Free Photo Project. Here’s how this is going to work. Below, are four photos that will be for sale. They will be printed with a small white border and initially be shipped to me. I’ll sign them and then once the auction is over, whoever has the highest bids for each image will be the winner. Since we’re not going through eBay, this will maximize the amount of profits that eventually go towards the Free Photo Project. The auction will officially end Sunday June 6th at 5:00 p.m. PST. So make sure you have your bids in by then!

The four prints all are the same size (12″x18″) and are of two different landscape photos of one of the most beautiful places in Oregon, Cannon Beach. Each photo has a number that when you submit a bid, you’ll have to email me what number image you want to bid on: #A0001, #A0002, #A0003 and #A0004. So make sure you know which image you want to bid on before you send me your bid. This is going to be more of a silent auction style so whenever I receive a bid, I’m going to enter the maximum amount a person is willing to pay.

Here’s how this bidding will work:

  1. Select the image number (#A0001, #A0002, #A0003 and #A0004) and make this the title of your email!
  2. In the body of the email please give your maximum bid, your name, address and email address (where you want the bill to be sent if you win the auction)
  3. Send the email to
  4. Wait and see if you are the winner 🙂

Here are the images you will be bidding on:

#A0001: Current Bid – $20.00

#A0002: Current Bid – $20.00

#A0003: Current Bid – $20.00

#A0004: Current Bid – $20.00

It’s impossible to tell but these images will be printed with a small white border! I hope you all are willing to help me raise some money for an awesome project! The money will be used to purchase ink and printer paper in order to host more Free Photo Project Events. So by bidding on one of these images, you’ll be providing a lot of people less privileged a chance at having a family portrait and others the first real picture they’ve ever had taken besides a mug shot (sad but true). Thank you all for supporting this project! I hope we get some big bids going!!!

If you have any questions please leave a comment below!

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